An Open Letter to Traditional Banks

Dear Mr/Mrs Bank Manager,

I’m writing this to express my displeasure in some of your services which I believe can be improved if taken into consideration.

You do not have to exploit us of our money by always charging unnecessarily from our savings. There are some charges you should let go and charge minimally, don’t angry users.

My annoyance is majorly towards “UNSEEN/HIDDEN FEES” that cannot be accounted for or explained. This part annoys 😡 me to the bones and I believe transparency in the management of our money would go a long way.

I’m sure many users are not happy banking with you especially the ones with savings account but they do not have a choice. You offer savings accounts and you make them look like expenses accounts, this is very sad 😞.

Does this make sense?

Thanks 🙏🏿 in anticipation of a favorable banking service.


Developer 👨🏿‍💻

Developer 👨🏿‍💻