Stop ✋🏿 using COVID-19 🦠 as an excuse

The remaining sunlight is still good enough to dry the clothes

3 min readOct 13, 2020
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It’s less than 3 months to go and you’re thinking 🤔; there’s no need doing anything again this year, it’s already a waste, can it just end already so we can restart in 2021. This also crossed my mind too so I know that feeling but I put it to you NO, don’t start again in 2021, start NOW.

You might be saying, what is there to start again at this time when COVID-19 has taken almost the whole year??? In a way you are right and in the other way, you’re wrong. From the perspective of the wrong, the truth is: life continues and the laws guiding the nature of life have not changed and they do not understand the effects of the pandemic. Life does not care about what must have happened to you during this period, Its standards do not change. There is a saying that “life doesn’t give you what you deserve but what you demand”. You have to say to yourself:

I will move on from here and be strong 💪🏿

You are reading this and saying “what about me that lost my job”. I understand your feeling very well, we’re all humans. It’s possible you’re not able to cater for your family needs again and there may even be other possible negative scenarios but the honest truth is that “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” things have happened to everybody including other creatures on the surface of the earth.

Something we never planned or saw coming shook the world and halted the world activities forcing everyone to be unavoidably locked down in their homes. Many have lost a lot in the process and quite a number of us are still suffering from the consequences of the experience. In just a twinkle of an eye, a new revolution came into existence and has led to the world evolving to a new pattern of life and work which we all have to adapt to with or without our permissions.

The part that is alarming and the main reason for writing this is that the pandemic has given a number of people including government the greatest excuse for not getting anything done. People will give you a “1001” reasons they couldn’t complete a task or do anything. When you request money from someone, he/she will hide under the canopy of the “COVID-19 excuse umbrella” just to resist rendering help or assistance.

Should I say you have every reason to hide under the canopy of COVID-19???

According to a Yoruba proverb:

I’ve seen cases of people who became twice as rich as before the pandemic, people who got new jobs, families being reunited and many other positive examples. In these last few weeks, you can still achieve your goal. Even if you can’t completely achieve it, you can lay a strong foundation for the year to come. Gather all that is left and start afresh or continue where you stopped. Don’t wait until 2021 before you start planning.

Peace ✌🏿 out.

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